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My name is Rory Foulger, and I am an Inaugural Class Student at Minerva Schools at KGI.

My journey through education has been winding, and I have completed coursework in an array of areas: from Norwegian Language to Philosophy, from Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to History of Education Systems, from Genetic Matching and Program Evaluation to Creative Writing.

I chose to transfer from a British university, where I was studying Education, to a brand new university based in San Francisco, where I would be a member of the first graduating class, and where the curriculum would focus on learning Critical and Creative Thinking, and Effective Communication and Interaction, before branching out into unknown academia.

I then chose to major in Computational Science, despite having never coded in my life. I wanted to challenge myself and push completely outside of my comfort zone. I found that I loved the art of data analytics. I got to take my creative side, my ability to communicate, and my ability to 'see' the data, and develop skills which would allow me to give insights into important data sets.

I also place great value on industry experience. To that end, I have worked with a number of companies to complete nine internships. From working with the People Analytics team at Amazon EU, to building a community of students who want to change the way education systems work with EdSurge Independent, I have worked across large global organizations and small start ups, all with different goals.

From these experiences, I have learned more than I had thought possible. I am excited to bring these learnings to new roles, using my unique blend of analytic and creative skill sets to have real impact on organizations and on the world.

Basic Information

Computational Sciences: Data Science, AI and Statistics.
Minor in Politics, Government, and Society
English (Native), Norwegian (Conversational)


Wolfram Language
Advanced Excel


Written Communication
Creative Writing
Content Development
Verbal Communication
Public Speaking and Debate


Data Analytics
Data Visualization
Program Evaluation
Google Analytics


Curriculum Design
Community Building
Community Development
Problem Solving
Teaching and Mentoring

Work Experience

Summer 2018

San Francisco, California
Data Analytics and Research Contractor

Having worked with EdSurge Independent, a publication for student voice activists, for over two years (see below), I was tasked with creating a report for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to justify our funding.

I took this project from start to finish independently, from analyzing articles and writer profiles, creating a codebook of themes, and drilling down into what students care about through a series of interviews, to writing the main body of the Gates Foundation report.

Summer 2017

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
People Analytics and Project Management Intern

I worked with the People Analytics team to perform a regression analysis on data relating to attrition in Fulfillment Centers. I was in charge of a group of three interns, whom I led through data processing and rudimentary data analysis. We then prepared a report on our findings which was presented to a Human Resources Managment team.

I mapped the data flow for Amazon Human Resources Operations across Europe, and created interactive maps to improve data transfer and discovery, and to help local teams work together across the whole region.

Throughout my internship, I participated in the Intern Circle skill share program, where I learned Advanced Excel, basic SQL, PowerBI, and Lean Six Sigma project planning methodolgies. I also taught classes to other interns on inferential statistics, data visualization, and RStudio.

May 2016 - Sept. 2017

EdSurge Independent
San Francisco, California
Program Developer, Community Manager and Founder

EdSurge Independent amplifies global student voice through diverse, action-oriented dialogue.

I designed and delivered a curriculum of speakers and discussion sessions to multiple cohorts of students. I took on the responsibilities of documenting decisions, creating business and marketing plans, building the community via Facebook and Slack, and curating and editing our Medium publication. I was also in charge of recruiting and training new team members.

Under my leadership, we more than tripled the readership of our Medium Publication, quadrupled the number of applications for membership, and tripled the number of countries represented.

Sept. 2016 - Jan. 2017

Berlin, Germany
Business Development and Data Science Intern

Opinary is an interactive media start up which creates polls and other engagement drivers for online news outlets.

Over the course of this semester long internship, I completed a data analysis project using genetic matching and linear regression, with the goal of recommending data backed strategies for improving customer engagement.

I also worked on developing fleshed-out strategies for new customer on-boarding and experience, and created video tutorials teaching news outlets how to use Opinary software.

Summer 2016

Liberty Global
Denver, Colorado
Global Human Resources Intern

I researched and formulated proposals on how to improve employee engagement using reward schemes and gamified systems.

My main project was to propose a new internship and graduate program. I created a series of resources for various types of program, from 3 different perspectives: business (HR, Law and Finance), Team Leader (the employee who hires an intern/graduate), and the intern/graduate themselves. This project formed the basis of Liberty Global's new, globally implemented graduate scheme.


2015 - 2019

Bachelors Degree

San Francisco, USA
Berlin, Germany
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seoul, South Korea
Hyderabad, India
London, United Kingdom
Computational Sciences: Data Science, AI and Statistics
Minor in Politics, Government and Society

Minerva Schools at KGI

Minerva is a brand new university based in San Francisco, with a less than 2% acceptance rate. I am a member of the first graduating class. Minerva students study a major within a broad liberal arts curriculum, as well as following a global rotation, living in six world cities across four years.

At Minerva, I have studied a range of subjects, from Morality and Justice to Constructing Theories of Good Governance, and from Harnessing Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Complex Systems.

I entered Minerva as a humanities student, and I have worked hard to develop my computer science and mathematics skills.

As I enter my final year, I will be focusing on my Data Science depth studies. My tutorial subjects include Computational Urbanism and Program Evaluation, and I will be completing my Capstone Project/Dissertation on teaching computational thinking using Wolfram Language and Raspberry Pi computers.

Summer 2018

Boston, USA
Education Innovation

Wolfram Summer School

The Wolfram Summer School is a competitive computer science program run by the Wolfram Research Institute.

I participated in the Education Innovation Track, where I built a product which allows children to write and deploy their own surveys, and then experiment with different ways to visualize their data. Around this, I designed a Computational Thinking Initiative curriculum for a 2 hour class session on surveys and data visualization.

2014 - 2015

Certificate of Higher Education
Birmingham, UK

The University of Birmingham

Before transfering to Minerva, I completed my first year of a degree in Education, focusing on the history, sociology and psychology of childhood, youth and schooling.

I achieved a First Class certificate, equivalent to a 4.0 GPA. Almost all of my essays and exam papers are being used as exemplary materials at the university.

2013 - 2014

Oslo, Norway
Norwegian Language and Culture

Rønningen Folkehøgskole

I spent my gap year learning Norwegian and minoring in Art and Design.
Folkehøgskole is a one year residential program offering not only academic training, but also an opportunity to develop leadership, social and interpersonal skills.

2011 - 2013

A Levels
Gloucester, UK
English, Mathematics, Philosophy and Ethics

The King's School

Senior Prefect, head of Philosophy and Debate Societies. Founder of Creative Writing Society. Gifted and Talented Mathematics tutor, Junior School Classroom Assistant.
AS Levels in Theatre Studies and Extended Project (Comparative Statistical Study of Education in Europe).

Rory Foulger

Resume. Student at Minerva Schools at KGI, working in education technology and data informed human resources in both start ups and global enterprise.
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